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La Barequera Aurea

La Barequera Aurea

I can’t say I was feeling particularly excited upon my arrival in Bogota. No butterflies in my stomach, not a hint of the earnest thrill that typically accompanies setting foot on unexplored terrain. This wasn’t because I had serious doubts about my trip – two other students and I were there to assist an NGO … Continue reading

So, how can you make it in the Americas?

Easy. First, you chance into an unpaid internship with a growing NGO in Ecuador. Then, you hang around the offices long enough that they have no choice but to take you on full-time, and you spend another year working in Peru. Mischief ensues.

After that, you leverage your experience in South America to trick a school in Honduras into hiring you into a position of responsibility. All along the way, you make sure to coax your friends back home into frequent visits, and you hit up as many neighboring countries as your vacation time allows. Here and there, you put in some quality work.

At least, that's how I've made it thus far. You can choose your own path. I'd like this blog to serve as a very rough guide to anyone interested in travel and/or aid work in Latin America. It will also be an easy way for friends and family back home to keep up with my travels, photography, and meandering meditations on life.


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